Domain: A VtM Game Jam Project

Hello everyone! It’s been a little bit since my last post, but I have some exciting news! I am participating in this years VtM Game Jam! I am the lead writer for a project called Domain! Domain is a game set in the Vampire the Masquerade Fifth Edition universe. It’s a turn-based strategy game with a focus on capturing territory. The main goal of Domain is to get thirty points between six different recurses. These resources are Blood, Influence, Allies, Armory, Information, and Resources. Each of these stats are important when trying to claim your Barony or trying to secure the title of Prince.

The Logo for VtM: Domain

Information is all about what you know. What secrets you know and how you can leverage them. Influence is all about your sway over the city politically. Blood is an important resource for a Kindred and represents your blood supply. Allies represents the other Kindred allied to you. Armory represents how many weapons you have at your disposal. Resources represents how much cash you have. You will need at least 30 of these stats combined to win the game, but it’s not so simple as a race to 30 combined stats, but you also must announce your Praxis or your claim to barony at Elysium. In order to go to Elysium you must capture territory and expand your domain. Doing so will increase one of your stats.

Each stat check has a difficulty of three though the options. The game doesn’t directly tell you what the stat check is, it just makes a heavy allusion for what you need to do like Resources will usually have purchasing involved. There is a third option, called the Humanity option. In lore this is your character doing the most monstrous thing they can to guarantee success, but at the cost of their Humanity. You must use this option sparingly or may enter Wassail and lose your very mind to the Beast. In function this is just you spending a point to guarantee a success. You have 3 points to spend total.

In addition to capturing territory, you also have to contend with Hunger. Hunger is a fairly simple mechanic. Each turn represents one night of in-universe time. At the start of each new turn you gain one hunger If you start a turn at 6 hunger you risk Frenzy and breaking the Masquerade. If you break the Masquerade enough you will lose due to Hunters tracking you down and killing you. In order to slake your thirst you must spend an entire turn to feed.

There are six playable characters in Domain. The three characters representing the Anarch Sect and looking to become Baron is a Minister, a Brujah, and a Gangrel. For the Camarilla you have a Nosferatu, a Ventrue, and a Toreador trying to claim the Princedom of the city.

Play Domain and decide how you will take control.

The Development Team

Aside from myself there are two others working on this project along side me. The Artist who made the beautiful art you see featured in this post is Guava. The Coder for the team is called Ziggy. This game was made in Unity using the Ink language.

Coming Soon to Storyteller’s Vault…

Hello Ministers! I apologize for not posting recently, but I do have news to share with you all. As many of you know, Storyteller’s Vault has recently been opened to Vampire: the Masquerade Fifth edition content. Well, I’ve been working on a Sourcebook of my own for V5. It’s entitled Secret of the Serpents. It will be retailing for $10 USD.

What is Secrets of the Serpents?

Secrets of the Serpents is an expansion upon the ideology of the Ministry as Presented in Aanarch. It includes an alternative structure for Clan Ministry than what is presented in the official books. The photographer for the front cover is Jan Kopřiva.

Secrets of the Serpents Cover

What is in this Sourcebok?

As mentioned above the book will cover five different paths that make up the structure of the Ministry. There’s the Path of Montu warriors, Path of Quetesh Hedonists, Path of Set Priests, Path of Thoth Sorcerers, and path of Serket Assassins and Infiltrators. Below, you can find one of the covers for the Path of Montu. There will also be rules to create Paths for your own city. These Paths are not Paths of enlightenment. They are more way to operate within the living church of Set. There will also be loresheets for all of the Paths presented in the book.

Cover for the Path of Montu.

Now, unlike the V5 Sabbat book there will be advice on how to create characters for these Paths. Additionally, there is advice for Storytellers ranging from themes to plot devices. While there are not any NPCs pre-made for Storytellers there is advice for how to use each of the paths within their respective sections. Additionally, for you Serpentis fans there will be two new Serpentis amalgams and two new Blood Sorcery rituals inspired by Setite sorcery of old.

Overall, I am Very excited to share this book with you all and I hope to release it before the end of the Month! I’m just waiting on my editor to review it and for the last piece of art I am commissioning. I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it! Remember, Set lives within us all and soon, you can tell stories about just that.

Note: The promised new artwork before I edited this post on 10/22/2021 will not be in the initial version. It will be added later once the artist has the commission complete.

Character Discussions: Flora Íñiguez

Welcome to Character Discussions

Character Discussions is a new series I hope to run on this blog where I discuss characters I have played. I wanted to create this series not only to tell the stories of the characters I’ve played, but to also maybe spark some inspiration in either players or STs. There will also be discussions about playing a character in general sprinkled throughout this series.

Who was Flora Íñiguez in life?

In life, Flora was an Iberian noble who was born on 6/4/1050. She was raised as a noble, but she always had a hint of rebellion in her. She wanted to defy certain aspects of what were expected of women. She would join her brothers on hunting parties and would occasionally get in fights with some young boys. She was eventually granted to have a brawling tutor. Her parents only did this to humor her, of course. They were probably hoping that once she was older she would have grown out of that rebellious streak. While it certainly did cool with age it never entirely went away.

As for schooling, Flora was taught in the ways of etiquette and commerce, but never did take to religion or Hearth wisdom as she probably should. One point that was probably deliberately lacking in her education was that she was illiterate. She could speak Mozarabic, Arabic, and Latin, though. As Flora grew older, she was eventually betrothed and wed another noble. He was the Count of Polen. Shortly after she was wed, she would have been embraced by her sire, a Tzimisci by the name of Don Sebastain Morales-Khazi. She was 18 at the time of her death in 1068.

Early Unlife

Flora, shortly after her Embrace. Art commissioned by GuavArt

Early on in her unlife, Flora was being tutored in the ways of Vicissitude by her Sire. During this time, Flora realized that her flesh was much easier to mold than one would expect. Her sire mentioned something about “Promethean Clay”, but Flora didn’t fully grasp it. She was instructed to not trust the Tremere as, in her Sire’s own words, “The Tremere are parasites ignorant of the power they have stolen”. She, of course, took heed of her Sire’s words and grew a sense of loyalty to him. This loyalty was not through the power of a blood bond, but through the power of feeling thankful for elevating her from the shackles of mortality. Though eventually, she was freed from her sire and had to go back to her husband.

Speaking of her husband, once she returned she laid low for a little bit. She was instructed to be her Sire’s eyes and ears away from the mountains of Iberia and was still adjusting to being a Kindred. She was thinking about how to increase her station. This lead her to devising a plan to murder her husband. She was taken out on a night hunt one evening by her husband. At one point they were chasing an animal and got separated from the group. During this time, flora murdered her Husband and then was later able to blame it on roaming bandits. Of course, she “mourned” for the loss of her Husband and became the Countessa of Polen.

What is she up to now?

Currently, Flora’s “exploits in the southern plains are those of a young Cainite beginning to come into her power”. She’s currently exploring the powers of vicissitude and molded the flesh of a hunter so that his face was smooth, much like the Slenderman. Of course, the Proto-Gargoyle that was fighting the hunter is what ended him, not suffocation. I think that a letter that she recently wrote to her Sire will give a better explanation of what she is up to better than I ever could.

An intercepted letter:

Dear Sebastián Morales,

I hope this letter finds you well, my Sire. In recent nights there has been a bit of a excitement in Toledo. A hunter attacked the city. He seemed to induce rötschreck in those who were too weak-willed and had what appeared to be holy fire in his eyes. He even seemed to have some minor resistance to our arts as his flesh was more difficult to mold than I would have expected. This hunter seemed to also have slain
several Brujah neonates among others from what was spoken to the court. What concerns me more is that when court was called in the city, it is said that the Sultan himself was injured. I am, as of now, unable to confirm such things, but considering he did not show up in court and had his seneshal do the talking for him I assume that it is true.

I have volunteered to go on a mission to a Nieves to the north, where it is currently expected that the hunter originated from to check on the court there to see if there are any hunter problems. Though, I must admit I do have some reservations about this mission. There is a thought in the back of my mind that maybe not is all as it seems here. Also, I will be accompanying one of those witches, Laurent Delacroix, and his pet Gargoyle, which he calls Bruce, on this mission. Well, the Gargoyle didn’t say he was going, but it seems those two come together on everything. Speaking of Laurent, he seems to be quite the bold one. He directly contradicted an elder Tremere, Viktor Nagy, in front of the entire court. It was clear that Viktor
was quite upset with the young witch. Perhaps there is more between those two than I would have initially expected? Though I cannot confirm this at this time.

As for other goings on in the city of Toledo, it appears that the Salubri harpy, Astrina Perero, has taken a liking to me. She has even invited me to visit the Pool of Eden which she runs. A young Brujah knight by the name of Sandalius is teaching me to read so that I may better perform my station here, There is an up-and-coming young Toreador by the name of Alvito that I am on friendly relations with. I have also stuck a sense of companionship with the new Hound of the city, a Gangrel by the name of
Rahim. From what I know of him he was a wondering mercenary before becoming the hound of this city. I do wonder what made him stop roaming, I hope this report is to your liking, my Sire. If there is anything that I can do for you in the city of Toledo or in Polan all you need to do is send a letter. In case the results of the investigation of this hunter problem interests you, I will send you a letter detailing the findings.

Flora Íñiguez, your Childe.

My plans for Flora.

As of right now I plan to put Flora down the path of pleasure. Currently she’s fleshcrafted herself to have appearance six. She would go higher, but appearance six is as high as she can go being seventh generation. I intend for her to realize tat she enjoys the attention that her appearance brings her and maybe even sleep with some mortals or other Kindred. This will lead her deeper down that path and eventually she may be tutored by that Salubri mentioned in the letter above.

What have I learned from playing Flora?

If I would have to say I’ve learned anything from playing Flora it’s how to do any amount of politicking. I, at least with my first character Roxanne, never understood the political side of Vampire: the Masquerade. I’ve actually been able to make some minor political moves with her and I’m actually enjoying doing some politics. I was able to gain some ground by speaking at the right time, and then being backed up by a fellow Tzimisci. I think that is by far the thing I have learned from her.

An Introduction…

…to Ways of Darkness:

Hello! If you’re reading this you’ve found your way to this little blog, Ways of Darkness. This is a project that was actually assigned to me for one of my college courses, but has grown into a mini passion project in a short amount of time. At the time of writing this, I am by no means an expert on WordPress or making websites. So, if the layout or color scheme change at seemingly random that is probably me attempting to improve the site as best I can for the time being. I have already set up a few pages, including the ever-important dark pack agreement.

… to Me:

It’s me, Ghost!

Hello! You can call me LostGhostGirl for the time being. I am not a massive fan of sharing my real name online so you will have to bear with me while I get adjusted to being more public and making any posts on social media or a blog for that matter.

Here’s some quick facts: I love TTRPGs, Video Games, anime, and other nerdy stuff. Basically, if it involves rolling dice, role-playing, or darkness I probably like it! Speaking of darkness, This blog will probably have a lot of that considering the subject matter.

I have been a fan of the World of Darkness (WoD) for about three years now. In that time I have been a fan of LA by Night, been in in a year-long V5 chronicle, Storytold for a few months, made V5 homebrew, and learned InDesign. I am now playing HtR, Wraith 20, V20 DA, and a DnD 5e Campaign. I probably won’t touch on DnD here at all as the WoD has caught my fascination for the time being.

…to the World of Darkness:

If you somehow stumbled upon this site and don’t know what the World of Darkness is I can give you a brief description here.

Imagine a world much like our own, but where supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and more are real and are hiding their existence from the humans of the world. Vampires scheme in aeons-long machinations to tear down their rivals, Werewolves battle in a futile attempt to stop the Wyrm from corrupting and destroying everything, and Wraiths attempt to resolve left-over grievances from their life. These stories and more are told through the World of Darkness TTRPGs.

Here is a quick tip for those unfamiliar with the different editions of the World of Darkness. X5 refers to the fifth edition of one of the splats – “splat” being a term used for one of the various games associated with the World of Darkness. Currently, V5 (Vampire 5th Edition) is the only released 5th edition splat. X20 or “20th Anniversary edition” is the fourth edition of the World of Darkness and is one of the most beloved versions by the fans. X Revised or “Revised edition” refers to the 3rd edition of the World of Darkness. Second and first Editions are fairly self-explanatory. I understand that to newcomers, seeing V20 and V5 thrown around might make you think there have been 20 editions in the setting when there have only been five.

If you think you’re ready to dive into the lore of V5 or want to explore home homebrew for V5 before I sink my teeth into it all, here are some useful links: White Wolf Wiki, V5 homebrew Wiki, and the official World of Darkness website.

Here’s an example of a logo of one of the splats Vampire: The Masquerade this, specifically, is the fifth edition logo.