My Homebrew

The Rhemet

The Rhemet was my first attempt at making Homebrew period. This version of the document, is an updated version from the original that was made in Canva. This actually is essentially an excerpt of my larger Homebrew document that is in production at the time of writing.

Secrets of the Serpents: The Ministry Expanded

This was my first content released on Storyteller’s vault. You can find it here. The Following is the description of it. This was made for VtM V5

Secrets of the Serpents: The Ministry Expanded expands upon the ideas and ideology of the Ministry. Covering why the Ministry re-branded itself, the various Paths in service to the Living God Set, and provides tools within for Storytellers and players alike. The Paths Presented in the document are not Paths of Enlightenment.

Within this sourcebook you will find:

  • A detailed outline of the structure of the Ministry, expanding upon how churches of the Ministry Operate
  • Two new Powers inspired by Serpentis of old
  • Two new Blood Sorcery rituals inspired by Setite Sorcery of old
  • Four new loresheets covering the Paths presented in the book
  • An overview for STs on how to run the Ministry
  • Themes to use for the Ministry in your chronicles