Character Discussions: Roxane Dimitri and Updating a Character.


Roxanne Dimitri was my first ever VtM character. I had no idea what I was doing with her as a Kindred, but I did have a very clear idea about who she was in life. I have chosen to update her to reflect her better and to explore an aspect of a clan that I feel was left out in V5. Before we begin I would like to add a trigger warning for cannibalism. With that said, let us start with my initial version of her, the Gangrel version.

Roxanne’s Life (Gangrel version)

The logo on the book recovered for Mr. Darkwood

Roxanne Dimitri was born to a loving family in Georgia. As a child she never really fit in much with the other girls and was much more interested in exploring the vast forests behind her house. She would commonly go spelunking in unexplored caves and even injure herself. She quickly learned how to treat some injures that she would get on these adventures. Over time, Roxanne would develop a kinship with the animals of the forest and even gain a distaste for hurting them. As she grew older she gained an interest in Archeology. This was something probably passed down to her from her mother who left a degree in archeology to care for Roxanne.

Eventually, she would take her years exploring the forests and treating injuries and put it to good use, becoming what the press would call the “real life Laura Croft”. She was essentially a tomb raider and got some wealth from gathering artifacts. Though, not all people interested in artifacts are good people. A Mr. Darkwood would hire her for some… less than legal purposes and would get some additional funds from getting artifacts for him, including a strange book with odd symbols. She didn’t bother to read it though. She wasn’t paid to read it, just retrieve it. Besides, reading wasn’t really for her. Of course, this lifestyle had some dangers.

One time during an adventure in the middle east, she was exploring a tomb. She had a local guide and was trying to recover some sort of artifact for Mr. Darkwood and the guide was hired by him. During their exit with the artifact in hand, a trap was triggered that left a boulder on the entrance and they could not move. They were stuck in the tomb for two or three weeks. During which time, they ran out of food and eventually started to starve. The tour guide eventually started to attack Roxanne out of desperation and she killed the tour guide and eventually ate parts of him. Though, she was eventually rescued and the cannibalism was covered up.

After this experience, Roxanne decided to stay in the United States for a while and explore the land by foot. This lead her to travel north towards Maine, but she was stopped near Hartford, Connecticut.

Unlife (Gangrel Version)

Roxanne (Gangrel) Commisioned from CaitCat.

Roxanne’s unlife began shortly after she got near Hartford. See, I neglected to mention that Roxanne had a group of cats that followed her all the way up to Hartford shortly after she left Georgia on foot. These cats were actually a pack of Sabbat Gangrel that were trying to judge her worthiness for the Embrace. She was knocked out outside of the city and brought to a park where she was Embraced. She woke up from the embrace in a hunger Frenzy and gorged herself on the blood of someone that was out for a run. This disturbance did not go unnoticed.

A local Baron by the name of Shelly sent out a coterie to investigate the disturbance in the park. There, they discovered Roxanne and by discovered I mean ran over as she was trying to get help for the person she unknowingly killed. The body was covered up to preserve the masquerade and she was accepted into a coterie of three, now four, called the Flat-Liners. The original coterie included Roxanne, a Catiff on the path of Golchonda named Esrael, a Nosferatu ex-cop by the name of Gordon, and a Tremere with a third eye by the name of Felix. This coterie wouldn’t always stay the same. Felix and Gordon would eventually leave for their own reasons and three new members would join them. A Toreador by the name of John Dashwood, a Brujah by the name of Aaron, a thin-blood turned Tzimisci named Daniel, and after she left the coterie a Ravnos by the name of Diana.

Roxanne wouldn’t have a difficult time adjusting to being a kindred. Though, she would commonly frenzy and end up killing people. Due to making some poor choices she would become quite self-destructive feeling that she was a burden to the coterie, and after her mortal mother discovered the existence of vampires she went after her. What exactly happened to her is unknown, but what is known is that she was an extremely low humanity (humanity 2) when she left the coterie to look for her mother.

The Flat-Liners after Roxanne left. From left to right Diana, Esrael, Daniel, Aaron, John. Art Commissioned from PascalthePommie. Note: He does NSFW work so please don’t follow the link if you’re not over 18.

What I learned from my initial version of Roxanne

I learned many things from my initial version of her. While I couldn’t get into too many details as I played her for an entire year I learned so much about the World of Darkness from playing her. Though I think one thing I learned was that I was putting my own mental health issues into her. I was deeply depressed during the time I was playing her and that self-destructiveness was maybe a side-effect of my mental health at the time. For example, she almost tried to turn herself into a Baali to save her Friend/Sire-figure Esrael. She also danced the spiral. There’s more I could talk on with her, but overall I stopped playing her because I was no longer happy with her and she had a lot of emotional baggage on my end due to how I played her when my depression was really bad. This was through no fault of my ST and was completely in my head. This emotional baggage plus a better understanding of the WoD on my end made me want to start over and make a better version of her.

My philosophy when remaking Roxanne

Roxanne was a fairly complex character at least on my end. She had to deal with a lot of stuff, but no matter what she did she was always trying to do what was best for the coterie. This inherent kind streak within her really made me start to think about how to improve upon her original design and make her a character I could truly learn to enjoy once more. Thus we come to her second, and now current iteration of the Salubri version.

From wandering Warrior to Paladin

This version of Roxanne has taken my more experienced approach on the World of Darkness and sprinkled that in. So, let’s begin. This version of Roxanne has a very similar childhood. She still likes the forests and was a bit of an adventurer, but never went on any globe-hopping adventures. After being Embraced by her Sire, Highlander, of the Salubri Antitribue she realized the Sword of Caine was not her her and she shortly aboned it after her Embrace. She then ventured to reclaim the lost title of the Warrior caste of the Salubri. She wasn’t just someone who could heal, she was someone who could fight. Due to how the Salubri work in V5 she will have to fight. If other Kindred want her Vitae she will not just let them. She will fight for it. She is proud to be a salubri and only hides what she is from the Mortals of the world using a hooded robe. Because she uses a sword, she also wears a ballistic vest to protect her from gunfire. Now she roams the nights trying to reclaim the lost title of the Salubri Warrior caste and is a fervent supporter of the Anarch movement.

Roxanne, Salubri version commissioned form GuavArt

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